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From a young age, Claudia knew that her desire to help others find health and wellness was her true passion.

Claudia is passionate about what Traditional Chinese Medicine, and acupuncture specifically, has to offer and feels a strong urge to educate the public in how body and mind are intimately connected and even how the environment in which we build our lives can also complement and contribute to our well-being.

Traditional Chinese Medicine provided her with the tools to achieve her vocation. She feels acupuncture provides the crossroad between the emotional and physical health.

By choosing that path of holistic medicine, Claudia saw an opportunity to change the way health is viewed and offer an alternative to traditional medicine.

During her studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she saw how the physiological, mental, emotional and environmental factors are all connected and equally important in human health.

Claudia is a caring and compassionate person and her treatments are fine-tuned and customized to her patients’ needs.

The Chinese Therapy Holistic Clinic

The Chinese Holistic Therapy Clinic is a place for healing, renewal and resource. It is a place for support and empowerment on your journey to greater health, wholeness and well-being. It is a place of connection.

As you sip your soothing jasmine tea and nosh on a bowl of nuts, Claudia will give you her undivided attention.

The clinic offers a wide range of treatments, specializing in hormone balance and anti-aging. The treatments take place in a large room at the back, where peaceful music will add to the relaxed setting.

Claudia’s Clinic is a perfect place to let go of daily stresses and pain. It is a place to come to, to relax and recharge one’s energies.

The Chinese Holistic Therapy Clinic is centrally located in Herzlyia Pituach, at 18 Ha’Brosh street and is open Sunday to Friday.

Claudia is unable to diagnose or provide treatment advice over the phone or internet. Feel Free to Call to schedule an appointment or via our contact page.


Claudia's Experience

From traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture, to Feng Shui and Anti-Aging

Born in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Claudia Hallake Erlichman moved first to Belgium where she studied Art and Communication. Later she moved in Israel where  is a started her studies of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at MediSin College, followed by studies at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, USA where she certified as an acupuncturist (2001). Following her studies, Claudia did an internship in China's Hangzhou hospital. She then went to Brazil where she created an Acupuncture project in the Favellas of Rio de Janeiro for the disadvantaged children.  After China and Brazil, Claudia settled in New York City, where she worked at a prestigious clinic in Manhattan, Park Avenue.

In 2009,  She specialised in Anti-Aging Acupuncture, then certified as a Feng Shui.


Claudia’s many years of experience and a healing energy is evident. She will make you feel immediately at ease after sitting with her for only a few minutes. Claudia will question you about your pain and symptoms before discussing a treatment plan with you.

Showing a high level of empathy and intuitive knowledge, a large amount of time of the first meeting will be dedicated on sharing history, talking over your past and current health.  Her aim is not only to alleviate suffering in people, making their lives more fulfilled and pain-free.


After more than a decade treating countless patients, adults and youngsters alike, whether it be in Europe, Asia, Brazil or the United States, she returned to Israel. She recently opened her own clinic in Herzliya, which is filled with a calm aura and where she brings compassion and expertise to each of her acupuncture treatments.

Claudia is fluent in Portuguese, English, French and Hebrew.



Feng Shui diploma, Israel Academy of Feng Shui, Israel


Certificate in Theta Healing Basic DNA, THInk Theta Healing Institute oF Knowledge, USA


Certificate, Recall Healing Level I and II, Israel


Certificate in Acupuncture, School of Complementary Medicine, University of Tel Aviv, Israel


Diploma in Acupuncture Anti-aging,

University of Tel Aviv, Israel


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, MediSin College, Israel, followed by Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, USA

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Chinese Holistic Therapy Clinic

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The Chinese Holistic Therapy Clinic

18 Habroch Street Herzliya Pituah, Israel