Facial Rejuvenation

For the past two and a half years, Claudia treats me once a month for facial rejuvenation. It all takes place in a pleasant atmosphere and the results are obvious. For example, I had a deep wrinkle at the corner of my mouth, which almost disappeared. My skin is more supple. My family and friends have asked me for my secret. I leave them to wonder and I am so happy to have regained the appearance and the shine I had in my younger days. I would also like to emphasise that the use of needles is painless. Until the age of 70, I never spent money on buying cosmetics or going to an aesthetician. However, it is with great pleasure that I am going to Claudia. I trust her entirely with my skin.


I came to Claudia because I am a strong believer in Chinese medicine and wanted to improve the appearance of my skin. Not only did my facial skin improve tremendously but Claudia also helped me with bad chronic pain I had in my left shoulder. The pain was almost gone after only two treatments. The face-body treatment I received at Claudia’s changed the quality of my life. I feel full of energy, and yet peaceful, and in a good mood for the entire week.


I had the good fortune and pleasure to have Claudia Hallake Erlichman, an accomplished   specialist in acupuncture working in my practice in New York. The patients loved her. Her gentle way and exceptional bedside manners conquered her patients. Claudia left New York to make Aliyah and met her husband Amir and now they have two beautiful children and even after years of absence from the clinic, her patients still ask for her.

We all miss Claudia and wish her all the best in her private clinic in Herzlya Pituach.

Dr Albert Levy

Albert Levy MD FAAFM(USA), FNYAM(USA), FRSM(UK) Assistant Professor of Medicina Icahn School of Medicine,

Mount Sinai Medical Center & Family Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine 911 Park Avenue New York NY 10075 USA

"Love is the Miracle Cure.

Loving Ourselves Works Miracles in Our Lives"

Louise Hay

Before getting my period, I usually suffer from strong emotional anxiety and upset among other pain during a dozen days. This PMS time, month after month, disturb my balance, my relationships with others, causes anger, sadness and chain reactions. It also limits my efficiency at work and capacity to achieve my daily goals. I contacted Claudia during one of those crisis, and went to her clinic for an acupuncture treatment. Claudia is a great therapist, a very positive and empathic person, generous, and professional. She adapts tailors the acupuncture treatment with a personal touch of meditation, a tea ritual that transformed my PMS experience, helped me to regain balance, harmony and serenity I so much needed. I strongly recommend Claudia for her unique holistic, Chinese Medicine and personal life coach approach.


I look in the mirror and it looks back at me, smiling at my radiant eyes. People I meet on a daily basis start to recognize the light on my face and smile. They do not know that you, Claudia, you are my secret weapon. At first, you asked me not to tell anyone and you promised me that there would be results, I smiled at you and at I did not believe. 
But then I realized that you were right. It is surprising. People too began to response, and as soon as they began, it did not stop. How fun is that. I enjoyed every moment, never ending.
I did everything you asked me to do to make the magic work. Something about me has changed in the wake of the new treatments. Something that was hidden and did not know existed until it came out,
Something feminine, radiant and respectful. And it's all because of you Claudia. Thanks and Love.


I started the anti-aging therapy two years ago with Claudia. After the 4th treatment, I already noticed a glow on my skin, and ever since, I feel that my skin is regaining its elasticity. I also have had comments from friends, asking what I have done to my skin.
I am happy to have found this technique, that is natural and harmless.  When I go to Claudia’s Clinique, it takes me away for a couple of hours of relaxation and wellbeing, for, Claudia is very professional and caring.


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